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Hurry, Limited Number of Spots Left!

YAY!  We are SO excited for you!

Thank you so much for your interest in our Limited Edition Junior Memberships!  Be proud of yourself for saving some $$$$!  You're going to absolutely love and cherish the photos of your high schooler.  After all when they leave, these are what you get to look at, maybe cry at, and bring back memories.  

So what is this whole membership thing?  

Well, parents have literally been asking me for this for years!  And we've finally figured out a way to do this.  Basically we're giving you all the amazing-ness of Photography by Kj senior photos, but we're breaking up your package over 11 payments, making it MUCH easier on the budget.  AND...because you're on the ball...we're giving you a HUGE discount of over 30% off, saving you over $1200!!!  Who WOULDN'T want this option?

So what's included?

1. A FREE CONSULTATION.  Yes, we want to get to know your junior more!!  Don't stress, we don't have to do it anytime soon.  But come April-ish we should sit down and talk about outfits, locations, wants, must-haves, style of photos you love, things you don't love, makeup, hair...all the good stuff that will put the finishing touches on your photos. 

2.  You get a2 HOUR SENIOR SESSION (VALUE $250)that must be taken in June 2020.  We have no limits on outfits, but probably no more than 10ish would fit into the 2 hours.  We will shoot at the studio, as well as up to two locations around Sioux City.  Don't let the "June" throw you off.  It will be gorgeous outside, before it get's to hot in July, and before it get's too crazy in August, and then you can sit back and enjoy the rest of your summer and not have to worry about this. 

3.  After your session you'll schedule a "view & order" appointment with us to come in and pick out your photos.  We do not do proofs online.  I am there to help you every step of the way, pointing out things you maybe didn't notice, or talking about the differences in like photos, and also talking about your wall space and what would look wonderful on display.

4.  You will choose One photo for your 11x14 WALL PORTRAIT (VALUE $329) Our wall portraits are all mounted and laminated with a leather laminate for protection for years to come, finish it with a frame.  OR choose a metal finish or slim wrap finish for a more modern look!

5.  We will then choose the 31 photos for your 10x10 SENIOR ALBUM (VALUE $1589)Trust me you will CHERISH this album.  It can be done in a velvet touch cover, or glossy, and you also have your choice on finish for the inside of the album.  It's just the perfect size, and you'll want to show this to EVERYONE!

6.  You'll also get a SIX PACK OF DESK PRINTS (VALUE $534)What's a desk print?  Any photo size 8x10 or smaller.  So you can mix your sizes between an 8x10, 5x7, 4x6 or set if 16 wallets.  You get to pick six of them.

7.  And OF COURSE we have to put in the 31 SOCIAL MEDIA FILES(VALUE $799)!  You get the 31 photos put in your album as social media files to share all over!  You can post them where ever you want.  You may not print from social media files but you can certainly show them to the world!


ALL OF THIS IS OVER A $3500 VALUE!!  SAVING YOU OVER $1200!!!!!!  That's it, really, it's that simple!

Let's recap...

1. 2 Hour Session

2. 10x10 Senior Album with 31 photos

3.  11x14 Wall Portrait

4.  6 Pack of Desk Prints

5.  31 Social Media Files

All for just $399 membership fee (plus tax) and $189/month for 10 months (plus tax)

Ok, so now what do I do?

Ok, I'm ready to SAVE $$! Let's Book!
Hmmm...I'm not quite ready, but I am interested in more information!
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